Sunday, March 26, 2006


A couple to get you started

Thanks to Lee's Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else blog, I have been prodded to share a few of my transfer efforts.

First up is a nice Hawaiian trio of Louise, Ferrera and Greenus with "My Hawaii (You're Calling Me)". This is on a Columbia acoustically recorded 78, and has gone thru the Club Impaler restoration process (to be described in a later blog). The three instruments came out really well in this recording, and you can feel the relaxed aura of Hawaii in the early 1920s.

Next up, an electrical recording of a Scottish singer, Will Fyffe. Victor had Sir Harry Lauder on their records, so Columbia needed a Scottish singer as well, since they were great competitors, or so history relates it. "Ye Can Come And See The Baby" is done in the same style as Sir Harry would have done, but with the electrical process, sounds soooo much better. This would have been recorded in the late 20s.

Finally, we return to the acoustical era for what would be known as a "Parlour Recording", basically a prelude to "light Classical" music: Prince's Orchestra performing "The Trailing Arbitus". Not to be confused with The Performer Formerly Known As The Performer Formerly Known As Prince of modern day, this Prince recorded extensively with his band and orchestra for the Columbia Graphophone Company. Recorded in the late teens or early twenties, this is another nice relaxation piece.

As always, right-click on the link to download & enjoy!

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