Saturday, July 29, 2006


A pictoral view of the MESS

Well, you've heard the posts, here's how they get from point A to point B... kinda.

Someone said that it is cathartic to share messy spaces and be amazed at how anything gets done, but here's the litany.....

Here's the stack of stuff to do for the MoodieToonz blog, plus a few 78s in the mess somewhere...

And here's MORE LPs and a few albums of 78s to do up...

The main guts, a TEAC 4300 reel deck, Kenwood KX-5530 cassette deck, and the Marantz 2252 with the Pioneer PL-71 atop it. ALL this stuff was bought from thrift stores or estate sales.

Another look at the ELAC and the Vac-O-Rec... both are thrift store gems, the ELAC for 5 bucks, the Vac-O-Rec for three.

Here's the 10-dollar Pioneer table I use for any LPs and 45s. It's doing a Ronnie Aldrich LP for the MoodieToonz blog now...

A side-view of the 'operating position' with another rack of recent finds that need to get encoded. I also do amateur radio so there are scanners and stuff in there, and even a couple of satellite receivers. And the many cans of soda...

The headon view of the computing position. Where all the editing and remastering takes place.

The three boxes in the garage, the one on the left is the audio remastering machine, the cnetre one is for audio out-streaming (currently streaming the Tiki Radio stream found in the side-bar), the one hidden on the right is used for aircraft spotting and monitoring (ACARSd server).

The TV I watch when I get bored or during a long boring encode.

About five percent of the total amount of cassettes I have.

As you can see, I have a lot of CRAP in here, but it's all GOOD crap :)

And, for all you kitten lovers, here's the newest addition to the house...

An impressive pile of useful stuff. I don't feel so bad about my work space now!
That is impressive! I'm going to apply for permission from "other half" to do same at home. Inspired. Oh, and thanks for the great sounds. It's mostly new to me and a real treasure trove. All the best.
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