Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Thursday's posting and stupidity by your host...

OK, I really blew this...

If anyone has the oringinal text to this post, which I STUPIDLY overwrote, please put it in the comments bin so I can recreate it??

I have the tunes, but all of the ancillary info is PFUI.

"Cut Yourself A Piece of Cake" by Billy Jones & Ernest Hare
Billy Jones & Ernest Hare on a Columbia acoustic recording from the very early 20s... this showed their style and why they became famous as "The Happiness Boys". Their later recordings were on Brunswick.

"Lola Lo" by Joseph C Smith & his Orchestra
A Nice little pepster by Mr Smith on a Victor acoustical recording from the early 20s.

"Sailing On" by Ben Black & his Orchestra
A Victor electrical recording... this one is a bit shrill, and I'll re-master it (I promise) to get the artifacting out. This one will have a theme familiar to anyone even remotely classical trained.

Sorry about the brief commets, but I really screwed the pooch in overwriting instead of creating-new... it's late and I need to go to bed.

The Happiness Boys always make me smile. A great find!
Thanks... Jones & Hare discs show up on Brunswick a lot more than the COlumbia stuff, I'll have to see what I have in the bins for them & get more on for you.

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