Tuesday, August 29, 2006


A snack, of sorts...

Something to tide you over while I finish up on a project that's non-blogshare related...

I found these in a set of classical 78s I got recently... and since there hasn't been a posting here for a while, I thought you might like a little visual sharity.

Here's a promotional picture (actually an artist's rendering) of Jose Iturbi, the Victor Red Seal recording artist (sez so at the bottom of the picture)... I have several Iturbi discs, and may post some in the future, he's good!

In this set was also an artist's rendering of Sir Thomas Beecham, the conductor. I have NO idea what the "Bart." is after his name, maybe someone has comments on that?

Full size scans are here:
Jose Iturbi...
Sir Thomas Beecham, Bart.

I'm working up a selection of VIctorian type music for a garden party to be held in October, so as I get some of the 1910-1917 music encoded, I'll share it with you.

Thanks for your patience!

Bart. is short for 'Baronet".

From Burke's Peerage:


baronet: holder of a hereditary title of honour called a baronetcy. This title is unique to the kingdoms of the British Isles that since the 17th century have at different times merged to form the United Kingdom. The collective name for baronets is baronetage, though this can also mean a reference book listing holders of baronetcies (e.g., Burke's Peerage & Baronetage). The order of baronets was invented by JAMES I to raise money. Nominally this was for the upkeep of military forces in Ireland, hence the badge of the Red Hand of Ulster featuring as a baronet's device (except in the case of Nova Scotia creations (see below), where the saltire (see Heraldic Glossary) of Ulster was used instead). At the same time the Red Hand is not invariably shown in a baronet's coat of arms. It was made clear at the time that no order should henceforth be called into existence that was of equal or higher degree than the baronetage yet beneath the lowest rank of peerage.

This article goes on and on so if you're all that interested you can Google it.

Best regards - Mel.

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