Thursday, September 07, 2006


New Pix of the MESS

While I am working on (a) the 1910 Theme Party music, and (b) the cool stuff on reel I got in a eBay auction win, I thought I'd share some new pics of the absolute garbage dump of the studio.

I had to get the reel tapes out of the boxes they were in for the last 6 years, and get them onto some kind of shelving... so here's what I built out of scrap lumber for them...
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Here's some of the new re-arrangement... looking from the garage main door back towards the operating position... the file cabinet holds VCR tapes and 5" reels, on top of it is a Johnson Viking-II Amateur Radio transmitter. Sad story on that, UPS destroyed it in shipping. The long cardboard boxes are all cassettes, and in the rack you see a Sherwood 4-channel receiver I need to go through and check out. Got it dumpster diving. Above the cassette boxes is a 5-channel Sparta remote event mixer. It works. Another dumpster dive.
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This is the new(er) desk where the sattelite monitors now sit. To the right is the rack of records that have to be re-filed in the big racks... as you can see I been a busy Impaler. On top of the record shelf are the three in-use sattelite receivers, and another black & white tuning monitor. The red chair is for in-studio guests... when I don't have LPs piled on it.
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Now we're getting to the mess. All those cables running out the window are for sattelite rigs, scanners, transceivers, and other RF that goes out to the roof or the side yard where the sattelite dishes are.
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Looking towards the operating position now, the computers, the TEAC 2300, the Marantz 2252, the Pioneer PL-71 turntable, and hidden behind the cables are some of the amateur radio stuff and the scanners. And the JUNK I absolutely need to get cleaned up. The reel deck on the floor kinda is a Sony SC-230 tabletop reel deck, with inputs for a phono cartridge, line-level inputs, and actual speaker outputs. I plan to get this one running for 1 7/8 ips reels, so I don't have to re-speed them off the TEAC. The Chair of the Impaler is hiding the 12 channel Sony mixer that I use for production. Yes, I know it needs to go on a shelf... just gotta BUILD it, to hang under the main shelf where the decks are... one with a slifing dealie so I can get to the back without killing myself. Also, you can see the Mustek tabloid size scanner directly behind the chair.
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Looking a little more to the left, you can get a little better view of the bench where all the transcription takes place. The turntable on the right is the ELAC Miracord, which is what I use for 78 encoding. Cartridges on the ELAC and the Pioneer are Stanton E500s, cheap but durable. You can see more crap underneath the bench that needs to be cleaned, too. And, yes, that's a Vac-O-Rec off to the right. It works, too!
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That's it for the picture tour, more when I make some improvements!

Looking fabulous!
Hi Brad, WOW ! what neat stuff you've got even dumpster divin' where you can find what nobody wants no more. Enjoyin' the music and to see the equipment used in grand atmospheres.
My wife would kill me.
Hello Brad, I've just today stumbled across your blog/s, and i have to say they are a glorious cluster of magic lost gems. Thanks for saving all these songs/sounds and thanks for sharing them with the world (/wide web)!

Cheers (keep up the good work)!

Ben and Tom
Brad, what scares me is that my husband's office contains even more than yours. Except there are about 100 barbies in various stages of undress, legos, and kid stuff in general on the floor, plus about 100 boxes of airplane and model cars. And three racks of keyboard and sampling banks. And three keyboards, three computers, and four printers.

When he invites his former bandmates over, I deal with it by suddenly needing to go to the store, or something. And blaming the dogs, and kids. And tell people that we had to move stuff because I'm painting downstairs.

(I wonder how many people beleive that you can be painting the same room in the house for nine years...?)
Hi Brad
I thought I made a mess at my home.
But seeing your pictures,I'm releaved.
This must be the number UNO working mess.

Oh bye the way thanks for some fine and good music.

Wow, thanks for sharing! Now I don't feel so bad about my HQ out here in the garage.
And as always, I appreciate the truly "lost" tunes.
THANK YOU, Brad. Cool lab.

I showed your pix to my lovely wife and she said, "hey, your mess isn't nearly as bad as THAT--well, almost, really."

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